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Miss Bella Christmas Windows Boronia, Melbourne

Merry Christmas from Miss Bella

Cheeky little elves!

Miss Bella Christmas Windows

Christmas Windows

The Miss Bella Christmas Windows came about after realising that the Boronia I knew and loved seemed to have lost its Christmas Spirit. As a kid in the 70’s, sitting in the back seat of the car (no seat-belts! Remember that!?) with my sisters and mum or dad driving down Boronia Road, we’d compete with each other to be the first to name the huge Christmas decorations hanging from the light posts. “Holly… Present… Candy Cane… Star…” etc.

We’d go to the Myer Christmas Windows and stare in awe. I wished I could have made the tiny dresses and the intricate details on the models. Even though they didn’t move in the window, they stirred imagination and seemed alive.

Over the past years it seems we’re slowly giving up/ losing/ being stripped of our traditions and the things we loved and enjoyed in the past so as not to offend. A number of years ago I drove a sad 500 meters, north- east- south and west from the Dorset and Boronia Roads shopping precinct, searching for my Christmas childhood. I decided that I’d make sure that I would do what brought ME Christmas joy; what I cherished as a kid. And the “Windows” were born!

It needed to be done as inexpensive as possible, but look and feel extravagant! (We are so proud of the bargains we collect through the year, but telling you would take away some of the magic!) I wanted to inspire the viewer to use imagination to wonder what was happening in the moments before the creatures in the scenes stopped in the middle of what they were doing, to have their photo taken. I also wanted to incorporate some technology and things from the past, such as the crotchet milk jug cover from my grandma’s childhood and the glass pint bottle of milk from my mum’s childhood- to initiate conversation between the generations. Scenes were purposely constructed down low and up high in the window so that parents and grandparents would need to bend down to a child’s level- or have to pick up the child to see a partly hidden elf. Create a lovely bonding and sharing time… “What are those, grandma?” “They’re marbles! I haven’t seen them in years! I think Grand-dad has some at home!”

Mini-Myer Christmas Windows in Boronia, Melbourne

The theme of the Christmas Windows is a closely guarded secret during the year while we create the magic in little spurts of spare time throughout the year to bring this Christmas tradition to the community. Being hailed in the newspapers as the “Mini-Myer Windows” and “…a breath of Southgate in Knox…”, your enjoyment, feedback, taking photos and popping into Miss Bella to say “Thank you for the Windows” has been absolutely humbling. Thank you for taking the time to do that.

The Miss Bella Bridal Christmas Windows are our gift to You and your Family. Look out for our display on December 1, 2016!