Your wedding dress must fit perfectly on your big day – so bridal gown alterations are everything.

Most wedding dresses do require small alterations, and remember that no matter how perfect your wedding dress, regardless of expense, if your wedding dress doesn’t fit you properly, your wedding dress won’t look any better than a cheaper wedding dress. Here at Miss Bella Bridal we have put together a wedding dress checklist to ensure that you are prepared for your bridal dress fittings and alterations appointment.

Timing is everything

Reduce your wedding dress stress by buying your bridal gown early; early being at least 9-12months ahead of your nuptials. While this time frame might seem long and shock many brides, we recommend this to allow you plenty of time for fittings and alterations. On average, it takes nearly six months for Miss Bella to order and receive your wedding dress prior to any alterations. When it comes to wedding dress fittings, schedule the last two fittings two months before the wedding. The final dress fitting, ideally, should be two weeks prior to your day.

Accessories are welcomed

When scheduling your fitting for alterations it is recommended that you bring everything that you plan to wear with your wedding dress on your day. We suggest at your fitting that you bring shapewear, lingerie, and your shoes! Your shoes are crucial as they assist our alterations team and define the length of your bridal gown. If you have not chosen shoes yet, bring the height that you plan to wear on the day. Pack your hair accessories, jewellery and veil – we strongly encourage you to do this to help obtain your bridal look and make alterations to suits your wedding dress.

Always bring your mum or bestie

Those closest and trusted by you are the people or person that you need at your wedding dress fitting. Before alterations are made, it is ideal to have your honest family and friends’ opinions on the best look for you. Ideally, this is not a pre bridal champaign event, but having one or two of your closest and most trusted advisors is recommended. 

Size is just a number

Wedding dresses vary in size, please do not be concerned by the actual size upon order. Often, one size simply does not fit so a wedding dress may be ordered at a larger size with the full intention of altering the gown to best suit you and your beautiful body shape and showcase your attributes.