Wedding Dress Sizing issues?

If you have ever personally shopped for a wedding dress or bridal gown, or been part of a bridal party there is always one question a bride asks us, and that refers to Wedding Dress sizes.

Wedding Dress shopping can be difficult enough to navigate and coordinate without the added stress hinging on a number. Wedding Dress Sizing can be confusing for some brides. Brides often peruse the gowns and explore with their bridal parties, they see a dress and want to try it on, but upon looking at the tag (beyond the pricing of course) often new brides are met with confusion – find out how Miss Bella Bridal combats the confusion.

  1. Measurements don’t equal size

Your measurements and your size are two different things and one size doesn’t fit all. To get the perfect fitting gown your measurements must be taken and for many brides these don’t necessarily match a number. Dresses at Miss Bella Bridal are always ordered to your largest measurement and then altered to suit the split sizes and uniqueness of your body shape. Your dream dress might need to be altered in different areas to ensure that you get the right fit for you and we order to the closest Australian Standard Dress size based on your measurements

  1. Sizing really is just a number

A bridal gown or wedding dress really isn’t like buying a pair of jeans. While you might be a certain size at your favourite clothes store, Miss Bella Bridal Gowns are sized to alter, not necessarily sized like jeans. At Miss Bella we have a variety of Australian Standard dress sizes between size 8 – 28, so no matter your shape and size, we have sample in all sizes for every size to try.

  1. Runway style dresses

Runway, trunk style shows, and exhibitions can be a great way to select the perfect dress, however the designs fresh from the runway are often on the smaller size. When Miss Bella offers a trunk show, we have our Australian Designer work with brides to customise dresses, stylings, and custom fits to ensure every bride is happy and confident on her big day. Wedding Dress Sizing is something we understand intimately, as each designer can be different.

  1. Take your bust into consideration

Many bridal samples have a B or C sample size, and C or D cups are considered plus size. Don’t worry, at Miss Bella Bridal we understand the varying sizes, so as the size of the dress increase’s, so too will the cup size. We work with many designers that can customise sizing to the cup size to match all proportions. Bust alterations are one of the biggest concerns for brides and their gowns, so we have a very experienced alterations team that can best fit your undergarments and dress to ensure confidence and comfort.

  1. Styles and Sizes for everyone

At Miss Bella Bridal, we pride ourselves on our inclusive collections, personable service and affordable price tags. Our styling of dresses ranges from boho, relaxed, traditional lace in all sizes from 8-28. We have 20+ years of experience and would love to help anyone who is concerned about not being able to find the perfect gown for their special day – remember size is just a number used for ordering.

Now that you look gorgeous, time to book a local photographer for your big day.