Appointments at Miss Bella

The way we see people in store post COVID is going to look different so we can keep not only you safe but us too! All people coming to the store to try on dresses will be required to make an appointment. There will be no walk-in appointments available, so we can assure we have all safety measures and contract tracing for those who come in-store.

We welcome you and one support person in store to ensure all social distancing measures are adhered to. If you would like others to see you try on dresses, we can facilitate a live call with them either through a teams meeting or video chat, so they can share your experience with you. We encourage you to call us to have a chat about any aspect of your special day so we can ensure you have the best experience possible.

Check out our selection of Appointment types below. Once you’ve booked your appointment, we highly recommend you download our handy Appointment Checklist to make the most of your time with us.

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Miss Bella Bridal Appointments

Wedding Appointments


Introducing one-on-one virtual appointments with our expert stylists! Our Miss Bella stylists are ready to offer you a unique, personalised consultation of about 30 min  via phone or live video chat. We will talk you though our bridal questionnaire and send you off with homework in readiness  for your instore appointment. Our stylists can’t wait to help you find ‘The One’!

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Don’t know where to start when looking for your dream dress? What shape are you and what dress will suit you? Our expert stylists will  go walk you through the 5 styles to bridal and work out what shape best suits you. *The $100 deposit for this appointment will be deducted from the price of your gown if you purchase a dress at Miss Bella.

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For Budgets over $1500

This 1 hour and 15 minute one-on-one appointment with our stylists is for when you have done your homework and narrowed down your gown choice. You have possibly been to 2-3 stores and have your shape worked out. This is now the chance to see, feel, touch and try on the instore gowns that you have been lusting after.

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Other Appointments


We welcome you and one support person in-store to try on our beautiful on-trend, modern debutante dresses. These 1 hour one-on-one appointments with our expert stylist will allow you to find your style and try on up to 4 dresses.

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Now you have your dream dress but it doesn’t quite ‘fit’ in all the right places? Our experienced seamstresses are here to help you. We listen to you and your vision to finalise your look for your special day. Bea and Helen have all your needs covered and are looking forward to meeting you to discuss your requirements. All fittings will be quoted at the first appointment and depending what needs to be done you may need a couple of progress appointments for fittings along the way.

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