Every bride would like the perfect bridal gown, but sometimes you need Bridal Gown Alterations to look your best on the big day.

For most, the idea of altering a beautiful bridal dress with basic Bridal Gown Alterations is incredible stressful and expensive. At Miss Bella Bridal we have professional seamstresses with over 20 years’ experience in dress making and alterations – their ability to make  small changes to your wedding dress to increase comfort is done with ease, one could almost say it was seamless!

Shortening Hem Lines

Wedding dresses and bridal gowns are typically made longer to suit taller brides, but also to accommodate for your shoes. It is certainly easier to shorten a hem, than add fabric to your perfect dress. Shortening your hem is the most common alteration and we do it to almost every bridal gown.

Taking in/out the hips and waist

At Miss Bella Bridal we embrace every shape and size, that is why most of our wedding dress range accommodates to you no matter your size. It is common to take a wedding dress in or out on the side seams. Letting it out by one size or taking it in by 2 sizes, is recommended otherwise you start to alter the look and feel of the dress.  When shopping for a bridal dress, our team will always discuss ways to alter your bridal gown to ensure that it sits comfortably on the waist and hips, and that you are comfortable in your movements.

Taking in around the bust

Most store-bought dresses are very generous when it comes to chest size often resulting in wedding dresses have small alterations in strap length, lace arrangement or corseting to ensure that you are comfortable and confident on your day. Often when Bridal Gown Alterations are made around the chest the shaping around the neck can be altered to ensure comfort and assurance that no unwanted exhibits are present!

Styling your own bridal gown

If you are unable to find the perfect wedding dress, then sometimes taking pieces of your favourite bridal gowns and getting something tailor made, or significantly altered, then the very experienced and professional dressmakers and seamstress’s at Miss Bella will be able to assist you. For many brides, adding sleeves, adding lace panels or beading, changing the back from zipper to buttons – these alterations and more can be achieved for your perfect bridal gown. This process requires a consultation with one of our team to ensure that the creative process and ideal wedding gown is achieved.

Try and avoid wedding dress disasters like these brides. The team at Miss Bella hope you have an amazing wedding event.